I flew to Guyaquil, Ecuador yesterday. Long day. Left the house at 8:45 A.M. and got to our hotel at close to midnight.

I’m with about 30 other Pastors who are largely church planters. We’re hoping to implant the DNA for caring for children at risk in the early stages of their new churches.

We visited a Compassion Project this morning and then visited in the homes of some of the Compassion children this afternoon. Heart-breaking. The home I visited was the size of my walk-in closet only it’s a family of eight living there. They spend $30 a week on groceries for 8–ummm, I often spend that on a single meal.

It is good to have my heart wrecked.

In spite of the poverty . . . there is hope. Hope for the families here and hope for my ailing heart.