Yesterday, Julie and I celebrated “Magic Vacation Day” with our ten year old daughter, Tabitha.

Now I know before I tell you more about this that some of you are going to disapprove of what we do. All I can say is that I wish my parents had done this for me when I was growing up!

Every school year we have a “Magic Vacation Day.” Tabs never knows when it’s going to be. On the surprise day, Julie and I wake her up together by asking, “Guess what day it is?” “Magic Vacation Day!” The look on Tabitha’s face is priceless.

Next, Julie calls Tabs off school. The office worker asked Julie if Tabs was ill (swine flu thing you know). And no, Julie didn’t tell her that Tabs was sick–she simply said we were having a Magic Vacation Day. No problem.

My mom came over to watch our little boy Elijah for the day (This is very important, this is Tab’s special day).

After having breakfast together we went and saw Monsters Vs Aliens 3D at the theater. Next was a picnic lunch in the park. The afternoon was spent making pottery at Glazed And Amused. After dinner at Tab’s favorite restaurant–Carabbas–we ended the day with a pontoon boat ride on Willowdale Lake.

The day rocked!!!

Our prayer is that Tabitha will grow up with amazing memories of days when mom and dad awakened her with the question, “Guess what day it is?”