I spoke in Cincinnati last night at a fundraising banquet for the Christian Evangelizing Fellowship. There were probably about 200 people in attendance of which 70% were gray hairs. Now, I love being around older people who are still growing and living and loving for Jesus. In fact, at the table where Julie and I were seated, we were with some seniors who were committed to making a difference.

There were also some very hip young guys in attendance who are trying to plant churches in the inner city of Cincy. Very challenging. I love the vision these guys have.

Right before I got up to speak, this quartet sang a “special number.” I know they love Jesus, but it was a lengthy ballad sung to a sound track. Very tough.

As I was preparing to stand up and speak, Julie wrote me a note: “Preach to the boys.” It’s amazing the wisdom our wives can give us in time of need.

So hopefully I encouraged some young guys to take Cincinnati for Jesus. And hopefully I encouraged some wonderful gray hairs to keep growing and living and loving for Jesus.