In front of our Portage Street Campus, we have a large sign. Currently on the sign, the message reads: Have you had an abortion? You are welcome here.

I’m kind of amazed at the number of calls we receive from “Christians” who want us to change the message. Ummm, and the calls aren’t very nice. Ranting is a better way to describe them.

What message should we put on the front sign? If you’ve had an abortion, you can go to hell! Or how about, If you’ve had an abortion, stay away!

I guess my thoughts are that if we put a condemning message on the front sign, then we should put a different one every day. If you’ve told a lie, then fire and brimstone for you! Or, If you’ve ever looked at porn, then smoldering eternity you deserve. Or how about, If you gossip, you go to the grave!

Don’t get me wrong. I believe abortion is murder. In fact, because I know how much God values children, every time a living fetus is ripped from its mother’s womb, God weeps. For God’s sake and the sake of the unborn, we NEED to be pro-life!!!

But it’s pro-life all the way. Pro-life for the mom who made the decision and is now carrying enormous guilt. Pro-life for the man who encouraged her to cast aside something so important. I believe Jesus was pro-life for everyone.

Sooo, I think we’ll keep the message on the front sign: Have you had an abortion? You are welcome here.