I just returned from my annual golf trip with my dad and ten other guys. This trip actually started with five of us 16 years ago (And yes, for those of you who know anything about golf, five is a horrible number of guys to take on a golf trip).

Some highlights of the trip:

*Our foursome had just finished the ninth hole. We were waiting on another foursome to tee off on the tenth. We’re standing there watching as a serious golfer steps up to the tee. I mean this guy looks the part. $80 golf shirt. $200 golf shoes. $400 driver. You know where this is going. He takes a mighty swing and whiffs! The ball falls off the tee and rolls for about two inches!

Even though we’ve all had this happen to us before, we’re all doing our best to not fall on our backs and crack up laughing . . . Priceless.

*Billy called to tell us that he would be late for the first day’s tee time. He and his dad, Ben, were standing in the front yard getting ready to leave on the golf trip. Billy’s two daughter’s, Dakotah and Hannah, come out and kiss Billy and Grandpa Ben goodbye. Dakotah and Hannah get in their car and pull out of the driveway . . . they don’t stop to look to see if anyone is coming . . . Billy and Grandpa Ben are watching this surreal moment . . . A truck is coming down their neighborhood road at 60 mph. WHAM!!! Dakotah and Hannah are spinning in circles inside their totaled car. The pick-up truck sheers off a telephone pole and comes to a stop. Billy and Grandpa Ben run to the car and then to the truck . . . everyone is fine. Life is fragile. If anything would have happened to those two little girls, we all would have turned around and come home. Everyone okay and friendships like that . . . Priceless.

*My dad, who is turning 70 this year, steps up to a putt on number nine. He arrogantly boasts, “I’m going to drive this ball into the back of the cup to win the match for us!” And then he drives a 15 footer into the hole! 15 years of golf trips with my dad . . . Words cannot express . . . Beyond priceless . . .