It’s the fastest growing “Christian” web-site on the internet:

Many of you are probably very familiar with If you’re not, is a site where mostly amateurs post mostly homemade videos. Some are hilarious. Some are worthless. Some are definitely posted by Christ-followers. Others are definitely not.

The founder of wanted to create a web-space where Christians could post their stuff–where Christians could be safe from the other junk that, ummm, non-Christians are posting.

My problem is that, once again, many Christians are choosing to remove themselves from the world rather than penetrating the world with the Good News of God’s love. I mean, here’s the deal . . . How many non-Christ-followers are going to visit a site called Not many, if any. BUT, hundreds of thousands of people visit every month. So here’s the deal. How about if we, Christ-followers, produce the most excellent, impactful stuff out there on so that we infiltrate the world the way that Jesus infiltrated the world? No need to separate ourselves. No need to lose our influence. No need to become irrelevant!