I’m excited to be leading the Transitioning To Missional Forum on behalf of Stadia, at Exponential West this October 6-7.  You can check it out at www.exponential.org.


Here are some questions I recently answered in preparation for the forum:


1. What about the multi-leader forum format appealed to you? Why do you want to give valuable time to lead it?

I believe that hearing from and interacting with a panel of thought leaders and practitioners will create an amazing dialogue and format from which we all can learn together—especially when it comes from the tensions we face from the missional shift.

2. What do you hope leaders take away from the Transition to Missional Forum? In your opinion, the Forum will be successful and worth the time if…. 

Leaders have their current paradigms challenged, their thinking expanded and they walk away with practical “next steps.”  I pray that the Forum will motivate people to commit to making disciples who make disciples.

3. What are some of the areas/tension points you’ll be focusing on? Why is exploring these topics essential to transitioning to missional?

Why transition to missional at all?  Can you be both missional and attractional?  What are the new metrics when making this shift?  What are the costs in every area of resource?  If we don’t address these foundational issues then the transition to missional will be unsuccessful.

4. Part of the emphasis of these forums is the leaders learning together in candid conversations vs planned presentations. What are you hoping to take away personally from this experience?

Because the move to missional is very fresh for most of us, we are all continuing to learn from one another.  This group of leaders assembled will provide every one involved with a multitude of fresh ideas and insights.  Iron sharpens iron!

5. Tell us about the leaders you’ve enlisted to be part of this Forum. Why did you select this group?

We chose not just thought leaders but those who are actually putting into practice what they are thinking!  This is not just theory but in the trenches experience.

6. How can the Exponential community pray for you as the leader of this forum? 

The shift to missional is all about making disciples who make disciples.  Shifting from consumer Christianity to obediently following Jesus.  Please pray that people will deeply understand the importance of this shift for the future of the church in

I love that Stadia is leading the way in planting new churches in the missional model.  Check out Stadia at www.stadia.cc and the Forum at www.exponential.org.