I am sitting in an internet cafe in Old Jerusalem drinking a Turkish coffee. This is my third day in this amazing city.

I have enjoyed many cross-cultural opportunities and this one certainly ranks as one of the most intense. 35,000 people live within the city walls encompassing 6 tenths of a square mile. The city is divided into four quarters–the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Arminian. All are getting along reasonably well . . . for now.

This morning we walked the 14 stations of the cross ending at the empty tomb of Jesus. It was a very meaningful experience. This evening we will watch the Sabbath come in at the Wailing Wall.

To walk where Jesus walked is difficult to get my arms around. I’m trying to let it all flow over me and into me. It will be interesting to see what difference a pilgrimmage of this magnitude makes in the long run.

For now, I will simply let my heart be filled, my eyes be opened, my mind be renewed.