Here’s the deal on what I said this past weekend about encouraging people to find another church if they just want to sit on the sidelines, be fed week in and week out, and be consumer “Christians.”

Far too many people in the USA attend a church rather than “be” the church. And the church can never be what God wants it to be if we’re not all participating in the Body of Christ.

Now, if you are healing or still trying to decide if you want to be a Jesus-follower, that’s a different story. At times we’re wounded and need time to recoup. At times we need to figure things out.

All I’m saying is that being a follower of Jesus (which implies you are part of the church) means an active faith. It means we don’t “come” to church to be entertained. We “go out” as the church to bring God’s Kingdom now and forever. If you’re attending a RiverTree Campus to “fill up,” and you never “go out,” then you’ll just be a fat Christian. You’ll be continually uncomfortable at RiverTree because that’s not what we’re about. It would probably be best if you found another church. BUT, if you want to join us on this journey, partnering together to change the world in Jesus’ name, then let’s go–let’s encourage one another along the way–let’s be a movement of people with the DNA of Jesus, inhabiting and influencing every nook and cranny of society and culture!