Last night I had the unbelievable privilege of leading my parents in the reaffirmation of their wedding vows. As we stood before 150 family members and friends I thought about the uniqueness of what was taking place. The fact that their son is a Pastor AND that they had made it fifty years!

As they repeated the words, “Till death do us part,” it was a meaningful and emotional moment.

I looked between them at my nine year old daughter seated in the front row. I couldn’t help but think how glad I am that she was witnessing the commitment of marriage upheld and lived out by her grandparents. And then I thought, “I want to be a fiftier.” And, God willing, I pray that Tabitha will be a fiftier as well.

In a culture where commitments are torn apart on a daily basis, let’s all do our best to be fiftiers . . . in every area of life.