The day after Thanksgiving I start playing Christmas music. Over the years I’ve accumulated quite a collection. So, just for grins, here’s my list of best and worst. Let’s start with the best.

Nat King Cole, “The Christmas Song.” You just can’t miss with Mr. Cole singing chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Chris Rice, “The Living Room Sessions.” This is purely piano. Great music to have in the background when friends are over for dinner.

Bare Naked Ladies, “Barenaked For The Holidays.” Okay, once you get past the title, this really is a great CD. However, this is not your traditional fare!

The Blind Boys Of Alabama, “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” Not that the Blind Boys aren’t enough on their own, but on this CD they add a lot of great artists that make this a wonderfully unique Christmas recording.

Amy Grant, “A Christmas Album.” In my opinion, this is some of the best music Amy ever recorded. In fact, she maybe should have stopped her Christmas recordings with this one.

And now to the worst.

Garth Brooks, “The Magic Of Christmas.” Garth, what were you thinking dude!?! There is nothing special or unique to make me want to have it as part of a collection.

Heart, “A Lovemongers’ Christmas.” Okay, this is the all-time worst. If you can buy it cheap, use it as a coaster.

Well, that sums up my list. Would love to hear from you about your best and worst.