This morning I read an interesting story that came out of Rome, Italy.

Legislators from Italy’s Chrstian Democratic Party were scrambling this week to distance themselves from a colleague who was caught in a sex-and-drugs scandal. Cosimo Mele, 50, resigned from his party after a prostitute overdosed on cocaine in his hotel room. Still, he insists he is being unfairly judged. “Of course I recognize Christian values,” Mele said. “But I cannot be branded a bad father and a bad husband simply because after five or six days away from home an occasion presented itself.” (The Week Magazine)

Ummm, you’re right Mr. Mele. You should get the “Father of the Year” award.

We all mess up. Or to put it the way the Bible says it, “We’re all sinners.” Let’s own up to that fact and quit trying to candycoat the stupid things we have a tendency to do.