I just returned from Red Lake, Canada in Northern Ontario. It was quite a journey, but well worth the effort. To get there we drove to Cleveland Airport, flew to Minneapolis, changed planes and flew to Winnipeg, rented a truck, drove six hours north, boarded a chartered amphibious plane and flew another hour into the wilderness. The best fishing was when we left the big lake where our cabin (very rustic) was located, portaged another half hour and then cast our lines into Hidden Lake. One day, in the span of four hours, the two of us in our boat caught 53 fish! Big fish! (For those of us who are environmental enthusiasts, yes, we returned all but our dinner back to the lake.)

This trip was especially meaningful to me because I took my dad to celebrate his 70th birthday. I’d been talking about making a trip with him to Canada for a number of years and finally thought, “He’s not getting any younger.” Not that I am either. Why do we keep putting the really important stuff off?

A couple of trip highlights . . . We were able to see American Eagles in the wild. I mean huge Bald Eagles soaring out of the sky with claws extended to carry away fish for their families. And there were loons. When I listened to their despondent cry I wondered if God was lonely when He created them? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more beautiful yet singular sound. The surprise came one evening at sunset when I heard two loons, side by side on the lake, begin to laugh together. It was an amazing song.

Oh, and did I mention that we were unplugged? (Which is why I haven’t written in awhile.) No cell phones. No Internet access. No newspapers. No touch with the outside world. Quiet is a wonderful restorative.

Each morning I would get up at six and walk down to our dock. Mist would be rising off the water. Pastels would be sprayed across the lake from the pallette of the rising sun. And virtual silence. I would sit alone with my Father–the One in Heaven. Song lyrics kept repeating themselves through my head and heart: Everywhere I go I see You. Everywhere I go I see You.

And now I’m home. Of course it’s good to be back with Julie and Tabs. The challenge will be to keep the lyrics repeating: Everywhere I go I see You. Everywhere I go I see You.