Tuesday nights are very special nights for me. Tuesday nights my wife, Julie, has worship rehearsal with her teams from 5-10 (Julie is the Worship Director for RiverTree). So, Tuesday nights are my nights with our eight year old daughter, Tabitha.

Here’s how tonight went. We started by playing five games of Crazy Eight. Tabs won 3 out of 5. And for those of you who know how competitive I am, I did not let her win. Next came dinner. Kraft macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Yes, I can cook more than that but it’s what we both wanted. While I played gourmet chef, Tabs read a book about penguins to me. Before we started eating we thanked God for our food and prayed for the three children we sponsor through Compassion International–Inte, Darwin and Bakari. We prayed that they would be safe, have a warm place to sleep and enough food to eat. During dinner Tabitha (who found out today that the father and daughter dance was coming up in a couple of weeks) told me how excited she is to go to the dance with me. Life is good. After dinner we got her pajamas on and then watched a half hour of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bible says, “Train them when they are young and when they are grown they will not depart from it!” After a snack of Cookies and Cream ice cream we headed for bed. I read a Bible story to Tabs from her Beginners Bible, we said our prayers, once again praying for Inte, Darwin and Bakari, we snuggled and I kissed her goodnight.

Not every night is like this. But as many as I can make possible will be.

My friend Wess Stafford says that every encounter that we have with a child is a divine appointment. Tonight I had a divine appointment.