While I was in Ecuador I read the most recent book that Oprah Winfrey has been recommending with amazing aplomb. The book is called “The Secret” and is written by Rhonda Byrne. It is currently the number one selling book in America. The DVD movie is also the best seller in the country. Obviously, Oprah has influence.

“The Secret” is one of the most dangerous, insidious pieces of worthless trash I have ever read. Now, let me tell you what I really think . . .

“The Secret” is simply the “Power of Positive Thinking” on steroids.

Here are some quotes:

So we are the creators, not only of our own destiny, but ultimately we are the creators of Universal destiny. We are the creators of the universe. (p. 160)

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) This seems slightly contradictory unless Rhonda and Oprah believe they are God. Ummm, I suppose they might actually believe that.

You are God in a physical body. You are Spirit in the flesh. You are Eternal Life expressing itself as You. You are a cosmic being. You are all power. You are all wisdom. You are all intelligence. You are perfection. You are magnificence. You are the creator, and you are creating the creation of You on this planet. (p. 164)

Okay, I guess we know the answer to the God question.

There is no blackboard in the sky on which God has written your purpose, your mission in life. There’s no blackboard in the sky that says “Neal Donald Walsch. Handsome guy who lived in the first part of the twenty-first century, who . . .” And then there’s a blank. And all I have to do to really understand what I’m doing here, why I’m here, is to find that blackboard and find out what God really has in mind for me. But the blackboard doesn’t exist.

So your purpose is what you say it is. Your mission is the mission you give yourself. Your life will be what you create it as, and no one will stand in judgment of it, now or ever. (P. 177)

“For Jesus will come with his angels in the glory of his Father and will judge all people according to their deeds.” (Matthew 16:27) Uh-oh. Wouldn’t want to be Rhonda or Oprah. Not all that thrilled about being me!

When I really understood that my primary aim was to feel and experience joy, then I began to do only those things which brought me joy. I have a saying: “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” (P. 178)

Yeah, don’t take care of your aging parents! Don’t change your baby’s diapers at 2 AM! Don’t work at your marriage! Don’t cheer for the Cleveland Browns! On second thought, I LIKE this book.

The earth turns on its orbit for You. The oceans ebb and flow for You. The birds sing for You. The sun rises and it sets for You. The stars come out for You. Every beautiful thing you see, every wondrous thing you experience, is all there, for You. Take a look around. None of it can exist, without You. No matter who you thought you were, now you know the Truth of Who You Really Are. You are the master of the Universe. (P. 183)

And all this time I believed my mom. She told me that the world didn’t revolve around me.

And now you know the dirty little secret.