We are so close!!

Our group started out this morning and hiked seven hours to 15,500 feet and we have landed at Kibo Hut.

We will eat a very light dinner and go to bed around 5:00 pm but I anticipate that we probably won’t sleep much – we’re way too excited and hyped up about making it to the summit.

We will then get up at 11:00 pm and start toward the summit at midnight (which is 5:00 pm Eastern time). We are scheduled to reach the summit at 9:00 am Tanzanian time (again, 2:00 am Eastern time).

Last night shared communion as a group and two of our guides, Freddy and Ellee, joined us. When we finished we sang “How Great is Our God” – it was awesome.

Both Tom and I have been coveting your prayers and we ask that you continue to keep our entire group – climbers, guides, and sherpas – in your prayers, especially today from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am Eastern time (for those of you that just happen to be up in the middle of the night!). We have a very long climb and the temperatures will be sub-zero.

We are going to concentrate on just putting one foot in front of the other.

Stay tuned…