The air is different up here!

We did a four hour hike today – up to 14,000 feet and then back down to 12,500 feet and you can definitely feel the difference in the air that we are inhaling.

Tomorrow we will hike for a good part of the day. Then we will go to bed and wake back up at 11:00 pm and then head out at midnight and climb for approximately 6 hours to the summit.

Some guys from our group are still battling with altititude sickness. Luckily Tom and I have been ok and have not had any problems.

Our guides have an oximeter. It’s a tool that measures our blood oxygenation levels. Tom and I both have good levels so we are thankful for that.

The guides and sherpas have been entertaining us with some of their traditional tribal dances. Last night they got Tom up to dance with them!

Will check in tomorrow…The anticipation is building!!!