OK, we made it to 9,000 feet – a little better than we anticipated. But it is hard work and we’re tired at the end of the day so we’ve not had any problems sleeping!

We’ve been walking through rain forest terrain and it has been a little cool. (We’ve been drinking hot water and hot tea to warm up.)

The rain forest is a very cool place (not talking temperature this time). Spectacular waterfalls, vivid colors and awesome wildlife – mongooses, white-winged ravens, and colobus monkeys (black monkeys with white tails).

So far, everything is going well. Our group is really good – the guides and sherpas (porters) have been great.

Tomorrow we’ll head to up to 12,000 feet and we’ll spend two nights there at the Horombo Hut getting acclimated to the altitude. We’ll be up at 7:00 am and start our ascent at 9:00 am.

I’ll keep you posted!