It’s getting down to crunch time . . . 14 days before we fly to South America (Ecuador) and head into the Andes to climb the world’s highest active volcano–Cotopaxi at 19,400 feet.  Even though Cotopaxi is an active volcano, the final 5,000 feet of our ascent will be spent traversing a glacier, hmmm.

Aside from a great deal of mental and spiritual preparation, hardcore training, and fundraising for children at risk, a lot of planning goes into a climb of this magnitude.  Part of that planning is simply assembling your packing/gear.

Sooo, here’s my packing/gear list:

Cotopaxi Gear list

Crampons (To cross the glacier)

Ice Axe (For self-arresting)

Axe tip protector

Harness (We’re going to be roped together so we don’t blow off the mountain :-)

Headlamp (2)(The final push to the summit begins at midnight and treks to sunrise)



Peruvian Hat (I like having the flaps that cover my ears)

Merino wool bottoms (2)

Merino wool tops (2)

Fleece bottom

Fleece top

Insulated hiking pants

Hiking boots

Thermal hiking boots (Vasgque Radiators)

Wool socks (5 pair, heavy)

Sock liners (Prevent blisters)

Rain suit

GoreTex shell jacket

Down jacket (Temperatures can plummet to -30 at the summit)


Daypack (Camelbak)

Backpack (55 liters or 3500 cu. in.)

Trekking poles (with snow baskets)

Caribiners (4)

Camera with video (Below freezing rated)

Sleeping bag (0 degrees)


Tobasco (To give some flavor to the food we’ll be eating)

Altimeter watch

Ipod (I love listening to worship music as I climb)



Instant hot chocolate

Instant decaf hot chocolate

Instant coffee (Starbucks VIA!)

Instant decaf coffee

Water bottles

Toilet paper

Hand warmers (Chemically activated)



Sunblock stick

Payday candy bars (These are great until they freeze)

Ambien (sleep aid)

Ciprofloxacin (Antibiotic)

Diamox (Altitude)

Advil (Old age)


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