Most people when asked the question: What is the most pressing disease that needs cured in America today? Would respond: Cancer!

I would contend that the most insidious disease destroying our country is consumerism. And I believe that we must start listing consumerism as a very serious illness.

We are quick to label many addictions as diseases (and rightfully so). We can easily discern the devastating results of addictive behavior. We can point to a person who is struggling and say, “They need help.”

But when it comes to consumerism . . . not only do we not view it as negative–we encourage it! (Go ahead, spend your rebate check on a new TV.)

And yet, the results of consumerism are destroying millions upon millions of individual lives and families. (The number one reason cited for divorce in America today is financial pressures.)

Julie and I just paid off our Saturn VUE. The only debt we now carry is on our home. No credit card debt. No home equity line of credit. No family loans. The result? Freedom that leads to health.

The antidote to consumerism? To be consumed by the things of God. In practical terms, to live by the Biblical financial principles of “enough is enough,” generosity and appropriate saving.

When it comes to the disease of consumerism–how healthy are you?