Guys, women can come down pretty hard on us, can’t they? We leave the toilet seat up . . . We “accidentally” belch in public . . . We’ll drive to Hell and back before we’ll stop and ask for directions . . . We pass gas and pretend it smells sweet . . . We own the remote control . . . We have body hair like shag carpeting . . . We go shirtless, with our bellies hanging out, and we still think we’re sexy . . . Ummm, women may have a point.

But I’m still glad I’m a man. I’m glad that the vast majority of my phone conversations are finished in less than thirty seconds. I’m glad that I’m not expected to know the names of more than five colors (chartreuse . . . what the heck is that?). I’m glad that if another guy shows up at a party wearing the same outfit I have on, we’ll probably become best buddies. I’m glad that we can do our nails with a pocketknife or our teeth. I’m glad that we can kill our own food. I’m glad that we never have to drive to another gas station because this one is “too icky.”

A couple of years ago I was teaching about the “challenges” we have in life simply because of the differences that are typically innate between the male and female species. After I finished teaching, a woman who was in her mid-fifties came up to me and said, “Greg, my husband had a heart-attack and died just about a year ago.” She continued, “You can’t imagine how I would love to walk into my bathroom and find the toilet seat up. You can’t imagine how I would love to hear him say ‘No, I’m not stopping to ask for directions.’”

So, men and women, we have our differences. And, we have to learn to live with them. But consider the alternative. As challenging as gender differences may be . . . I, for one, am thankful for them. I’m thankful for the joy and the wonder, the “looks” and the smiles, that the tension brings.

Now, I have to go, because my buddies are coming over to watch the Cavs play the Wizards. Nachos, chili dogs and “man talk.” Life is good. Ladies, trust me on this one.