I sat on a ledge at the summit of Mount Whitney and simply “lost it” emotionally (it probably had something to do with the altitude).  I cried because I had reached the summit of a mountain on my 50th birthday–very cool.  I cried because I was able to kiss my wife (the woman I love more than any other) on the summit of the mountain.  I cried because my kids had sent birthday cards that were very meaningful.  But most of all, I cried as I prayed for the hundreds of children who will soon have a church on their island that will care about them, feed them and teach them about Jesus–God’s Kingdom now and forever.

After two days of arduous climbing, Julie, Jon, Kelly and I reached 14,508 feet.  The highest point on the continental United States.  Just that morning we arose at 4 A.M. to begin our journey in the dark that would consummate in the brightest of light.  There were moments that, to quote our guide, would be “consequential” if we took a wrong step.  But I thought to myself, “not as consequential as not making it to the top . . . for the children.”

Pampanal Island, where Stadia will be planting the new church, is an island off the coast of Ecuador that many people would overlook because it is filled with desperate people living out their lives with little or no hope.  Pampanal Island, where Compassion International will be opening their ministries to care for children at risk, is home to thousands of the 7 billion people on this planet that urgently need to hear the Good News of Jesus.  Pampanal Island, as a result of your partnership and generosity, is an island that will be transformed now and forever because you cared enough to make this climb “consequential.”  Thank-you!

As of today, more than $61,000 has been raised for this new church plant that will be for the children.

That’s “consequential.”