Many of you have joined me on this journey of giving up something pleasurable this week as a way of reminding ourselves of our dependence on God. I love that people are spending more time in prayer, Bible reading and simply a deeper awareness of all of the blessings we receive from God.

Giving up coffee has been a nuisance–I think I use it as a pacifier to get through meetings, etc.

Giving up hot showers has been just downright nasty. We have well water at our house and it comes out of the shower fixture absolutely frigid! Each cold shower reminds me of one of my first trips to Ecuador. I was riding on a bus through a poverty ridden area of Quito. We were returning from a long day of caring for children in need. My head was against the window. I caught sight of a little boy–he was four or five years old. He had no clothes on and was standing on a tree stump. It was chilly and drizzling rain. His mom was hosing him off with cold water. He stood there shivering. It was a horrible picture. It is also an image that I will never forget.

Millions of people around the world, if they have clean water at all, have no hot water. For those of us who enjoy drinkable water and hot showers . . . may we ever be reminded of our incredible blessings. Blessings entrusted to us so that we may be a blessing to others.