I have been torn about whether or not to write about this–it is very personal.

Julie and I received a call from the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio last night. A young black lady is releasing her new born baby for adoption this coming week. She will actually give birth to a little boy this Friday via c-section.

We have decided to move forward with this possibility. We will know by Wednesday evening if we have been matched by the adoption agency she is using. If we are, the baby will be brought into our home on Monday, March 11th.

I can’t begin to tell you the emotion that comes with this. Probably because, from the beginning of this journey, I have felt compelled to adopt a little black boy. The thought of this happening so quickly is absolutely amazing. Either way, Julie and I have a deep trust that God’s plan will be accomplished.

I decided to write this because I want people to know at least a bit of the journey so many adoptive parents experience. If you are inclined to pray we simply ask you to pray that God’s will be done.

If you are interested in caring for children through foster care or adoption, please check out www.borninourhearts.org.