Last night Julie and I had an outstanding Canton experience.

We started with dinner at Iris restaurant downtown. The food was excellent and our time with our friends, Jon and Kelly, was wonderful. Jon is the Director of the Canton Players Guild. I had a unique appetizer: Dates stuffed with chorizo, wrapped in bacon and served in an oriental marinara sauce!

After dinner, Jon had to head to the theater so Kelly, Julie and I went to Muggswiqz for coffee. Muggswigs is my favorite local hangout for a cup of joe.

Finally, we went to the theater to watch a production of Rent. I sat there amazed at the quality of our home-town talent. Rent, despite its renown for dealing with very challenging subject matter, is an amazing story of redemption and love. Jon, who played the lead role, showed why he once played the same lead role on Broadway. One of the things that touched me deeply was that two of our RiverTree Partners were in the cast. I love that they are influencing our culture for Jesus.

My only regret was that we weren’t able to attend the “after party.” We were invited but it didn’t begin until midnight–a bit too late for us before a big weekend. The party was being held at Crew, a popular gay bar in downtown Canton. It was a fundraiser to assist those struggling with HIV. I am certain that it was a gathering Jesus would attend. Actually, through some of the cast members, I’m sure that Jesus was there.