I recently had a young lady approach me after one of our weekend services. She was somewhat emotional as she said, “Pastor Greg, I want to tell you how God has used you to change my life.” I was prepared for her to tell me how God had been speaking to her through the weekend teaching times . . . that wasn’t it at all. She continued: “About a year and a half ago you came into the store where I was working in the mall–Bath And Bodyworks. You were buying gift baskets for some of your staff.” (By the way, they were having a 70% off sale. Very nice. Frugal but not cheap.) “I was having a bad day and you made it a point to call me by name. You were nice to me.”

She went on to explain that after I left the store she went online and found RiverTree Christian. For the first time in years she attended a church service . . . at RiverTree. She’s been attending and turning her life over to God ever since.

I share this story with you simply to make us all aware of the difference that small kindnesses can make in a person’s life. I didn’t lead her through a bunch of scriptures. I didn’t leave a “Jesus tract” on the counter. I simply called her by name.