The book, Buyology, is subtitled, “Truth and lies about why we buy.”

If you have any interest in marketing or in understanding why you are frequently compeled to consume–this is a must read for you.

Author, Martin Lindstrom, makes the case that marketers are beginning to understand that 90% of our decisions to purchase are made at a subconscious level. Ummm, that’s a bit frightening. So how do we combat the onslaught of propaganda that propels us to purchase? We become aware. Aware of product placement in programs that subtly (or not so subtly) promotes a brand. Aware of sensory branding that uses not only printed messaging but also sight, sound, taste and smell, to prod us to buy. Aware of marketing that promises emotional satisfaction that really shouldn’t be sought from “stuff.”

In the end, we are responsible for the purchases we make. And to be responsible we have to be educated about what we’re being sold, how we’re being enticed to buy and the damaging results of living a wholesale consumeristic lifestyle.