Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison was once asked why she had become a great writer . . .  Was it the books she had read?  Her discipline in writing?  She laughed and said, “Oh, no, that is not why I am a great writer.  I am a great writer because when I was a little girl and walked into a room where my father was sitting, his eyes would light up.  That is why I am a great writer.  That is why.  There isn’t any other reason.”

For those of us who have children, Toni’s response may come as a bit of a surprise . . . hopefully, a bit of encouragement . . . and maybe, a bit of a wake-up call.

For all of us, as children of God, I pray we realize that God’s eyes are always “lit up” when He looks at us.  If we would realize the depth of God’s fatherly delight in each of us it would probably dramatically increase our life capacity.  If our security, our inspiration, our willingness to take risks resided in our confidence in our Heavenly Father’s absolute love for us, I believe, we would all become more fully productive, confident and impactful.

May God’s “bright eyes” compel us all to new Kingdom vision.