I spent the past two days in a strategic gathering with the RiverTree staff team.

We spent several hours “blue-skying” the question: What would the church really be like if it were sold out to following Jesus today?

*It would be heavily involved in discipleship/equipping people to live like Jesus and as Jesus in the world.

*It would share “crappy” community (community that is authentic enough to share life’s “crap” with one another.

*It would lead people to Jesus as Life Transformer.

*It would be a blessing to those outside of the church (we are blessed to be a blessing).

Some other thoughts . . .

*The face of the American church is changing and MUST change like never before in order to be effective.

*The church in America is facing great challenges accompanied by great opportunities.

*Consumerism in America is one of the deadliest enemies of the follower of Jesus.

*American Christianity looks very little like the Christianity of the Bible.

At the close of our time together we were more excited than ever as servant leaders of God’s people. Excited to be part of a movement of people incarnating the DNA of Jesus in every nook and cranny of society and culture!