Season Two, Episode Six

Closed Doors, Open Windows (with Greg Nettle and Wes Lynch) "My issue is reaching the lost. I don't want to be the one who is shuffling the saints. I truly want to reach the lost. And that mentality is just not understood in the culture and context where we're...

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Season Two, Episode 5

 Current Episode Do You Really Believe It? (with Greg Nettle, Don Hamilton, and Andrea Hamilton) "Something that our parents did a really great job with was raising our family with a culture of making the best out of every possible situation, in a lot of different...

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Season Two, Episode Four

Tenacious Teachability (with Greg Nettle and Andy Wood) "There's always a story behind the story. So whenever you see a church that grows fast or that God's favor really shows up, there's usually something that preceded that." (Andy Wood) "It's often a lot about what...

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Season Two, Episode Three

Current Episode The Truth Will Set You Free (with Greg Nettle and Donnie Williams) "We're gonna tell the truth, and God's gonna honor it." (Donnie Williams) "You're being honest with your people and you are being faithful with your people." (Greg Nettle) "Anybody...

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Season Two, Episode Two

Jossy Chacko, Founder & President of Empart, a global ministry that exists to ignite holistic community transformation among the needy communities in Asia.Empart’s goal is to see 100,000 communities transformed by 2030 and is well on target with 31,000 communities...

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Season Two, Episode One

Season Two, Episode One Tornadoes, Fires, & the Glory of God (with Greg Nettle and Dave Jane of Connect Church in Washington, IL) "There’s no way you could ever prepare for something like this. So at that point, you just throw yourself upon God and say, “God, I...

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