Climbing 4 Kids

Provide Life-Saving Transformation for Entire Communities This March, I'm climbing a 33 mile track in New Zealand. I'll ascend mountains fueled by the support of generous sponsors like you who have pledged to fund new churches for every mile of this climb. My goal is...

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Caring for Children

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak with Neil Stavem on his radio broadcast, Connecting Faith.  He posed the question:  Between teaching our children to wash their hands, share their toys and eat their vegetables are we neglecting to teach them essential...

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As Children Head Back To School

All children are at risk. 1 Peter 5:8 states: Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. So how do we protect the children we love? As children head back to school . . . Memorize...

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While we watch the Olympics . . .

I love watching the Olympic games. I love the competition, the coming together of countries, the human-interest stories... And I’ll be watching this year. But I will also be praying. In Northern Brazil alone, more than six million children live in extreme poverty. The...

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As the white mother of a black son

Last week, I joined the national conversation and wrote about my perspective as the white father of a black son. This week, I have invited my wife, Julie, to share her perspective. While I think she is the best wife and mother, I also believe that she has a unique...

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As the white father of a black son

As the white father of a black son my heart breaks for every black man, woman or child that has been or is being mistreated. I am sick over the prejudice shown by members of our judicial system. I can only imagine the fire that burns for vengeance. But retaliative...

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A conversation about Small Matters

Last week, I spent some time at the headquarters of Compassion International in Colorado Springs.  During my visit, Jimmy and I sat down to talk about our book, Small Matters.  You can check out our conversation in this video link. Click here to order the book and...

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What church planters can learn from Lebron James

*Playing with purpose matters. Lebron James made a promise: "I will bring home a championship to Cleveland." And throughout the playoffs as announcers commented on Lebron's "superhuman" effort, Lebron simply referred to his success as "playing with purpose." Church...

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An Update

Please take a minute to watch this important video that provides an update on Stadia and Compassion's efforts to provide relief to those affected by the recent earthquake in Ecuador.

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