This past weekend I had the privilege to be part of something that was very close to the heart of God.

In all of our weekend services at RiverTree we blessed single moms. We prayed for them. We told them how wonderful it is to be able to partner with them. We gave them Mother’s Day cards . . . each of which contained a gift card.

500 single moms were blessed!

One of the things that I loved was that in addition to the moms who were present at our services, we encouraged our church family partners to bless single moms they knew outside of the church. 200 cards and gift cards were taken to pass on to others.

One man, in between services, shared with me, “I wish my mom could have been part of a church like this. My mom passed her faith on to me. She was a single mom and the church we were part of growing up made us feel like second class citizens.” There are no second class citizens in God’s Kingdom!!!

Another mom sent me the following e-mail:

Pastor Greg–I just want to let RiverTree know how greatly appreciated it is. What an amazing way to honor moms–single moms. There are numerous times when I feel so unrecognized, so alone and so tired. I was uplifted to our God by the many hands and hearts who prayed for me at the weekend services. Thank you for partnering with me to raise my daughter as a princess to the King and helping me to remember that I am the same.

That’s why we do what we do . . .