This morning I’m trying to recover from this past weekend’s incredible “God experience.” A close encounter with God always quickly energizes me and then later drains me.

Over the past three weeks at RiverTree we have been involved in a teaching series which we titled, “Immersed.” Week one was “Good Is Not Good Enough.” Week two, “Faith Is More Than Believing.” And the culmination on week three, “No More Excuses!” You can listen to these teachings online at or simply go to itunes.

At the end of each of our services this weekend we offered an invitation for people to fully trust and obey Jesus with their lives and then to be immersed in Christian baptism. 223 people made the commitment and were baptized!!!

My daughter, Tabitha, was one of the individuals who fully committed her life to Jesus and was baptized. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life as I buried her with Jesus in baptism and raised her out of the water to live a new life.

I drove home thanking God that I get to be part of such an amazing church, the Body of Christ fully alive and well on this earth.