My wife, Julie, said to me this morning, “I just want to thank you for this adventure.” “What adventure?” “This life we get to live.”

We just returned from a quick trip to Colorado Springs where we spent time at Compassion International’s headquarters. I spoke in Chapel to Compassion’s 500 employees. Julie toured the facility. We had dinner in the home of Wess and Donna Stafford (Wess is the CEO of Compassion).

Upon arriving back in Ohio we welcomed a little nine year old girl into our home. Anna (not her real name) is in the foster care system and we are providing respite care for the weekend.

I believe that the life of being a Jesus-follower is meant to be an adventure. It is not safe, nor is it easy. But it is forever life-changing, frequently heart-rending and always draws us near to the heart of God.

A couple of notes about this week’s experiences . . .

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the ministry of Compassion International. They operate frugally and yet with extreme excellence. I am very confident that the money we invest in caring for children on the margins of society could be invested in no better organization.

Wess Stafford picked us up from our hotel in Colorado and drove us to his home for dinner. Wess and his family live in a small ranch home that looks nothing like what most CEOs of major corporations would live in. At one point during dinner Wess said, “Someday, I would like to get a John Deere tractor . . . when I can afford it.” I clarified, “Wess, you make a good living. The issue isn’t that you can’t afford the John Deere, isn’t the issue that you choose to give your money away?” And that is exactly the case.

Wess’ wife, Donna, said, “We work with poor children. We have enough.” Much of our conversation while in Colorado centered around how much is “enough?”

Back in Ohio. When Anna was dropped off at our house for the weekend, I had to go to my office to keep from weeping. Anna is a very sweet little girl. A little girl who should not have had perpetrated upon her what life has delivered. I know that it breaks God’s heart . . . and it is breaking mine.

This life is short. Are you living the adventure?