Julie and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in Quito, Ecuador yesterday. And no, we didn´t fly down here to relax at an all-inclusive resort on the coast (though that would have been nice). We´re here to work with children in poverty.

Our day began with a trip to a Compassion International Child Survival Program. The Program offers prenatal care and newborn care to mothers in desperate need. We visited a home that is all too common. Two cinderblock rooms . . . each about 10´X 10´. Plywood covering a dirt floor. Sheets of plastic as a ceiling. Extreme poverty . . . and yet there is hope. There is hope because of faith in Jesus and the practical assistance our partnership with Compassion brings.

In the evening we had dinner with three Leadership Development Students. The LDP students have grown up through Compassion´s programs and are now enrolled in university. They are the ¨cream of the crop.¨ Highly committed Jesus followers. They continue to be sponsored for $300 a month which pays for their college education. I can´t begin to say enough good about this program.

After dinner we headed out to the bus that would bring us back to our hotel. Right beside the bus was a florist that was still open! Did I mention that Ecuador is one of the leading producers of roses in the world? While Julie was saying her farewells, I was able to step inside and pick up an arrangement of 4 dozen white roses for her!

Two tickets to Quito . . . $1200.
Compassion child sponsorship . . . $32 per month.
4 dozen white roses . . . $20 (Unbelievable but true).
Being at the center of God´s will with your spouse . . . Priceless!