I can’t apologize for all Christians but I can apologize for the way many of us Christians have a tendency to misrepresent Christ. I’m sorry for the bumper-stickers that tell you “I’m not perfect, just forgiven,” and then we drive like a bat out of hell. I’m sorry for a pamphlet left on the table that tells you how to get to heaven instead of leaving an appropriate tip. I’m sorry for being so involved in “church” that I make no positive difference in the community. I’m sorry for preaching that God created the earth and then not really taking good care of what He created. I’m sorry for signs that are held at rallies that say “God hates fags.”

I’m sorry for the crusades—holy wars that were decreed in the name of Christ—that were simply excuses to accumulate wealth.

I’m sorry for horrible inquisitions, using every imaginable form of torture, to help the church maintain its political power.

I’m sorry that the church condemned scientists as heretics because they presented differing views from what the church taught.

I’m sorry, that for centuries, the church not only condoned slavery but was heavily involved in the slave trade.

I’m sorry that a large portion of the church turned a blind eye to Hitler’s attempted genocide of the Jewish race.

I am painfully aware that many people view Christians as arrogant and unconcerned about their opinions. And for that, I am sorry. I’m sorry that, in so many ways, we have failed to live like Jesus . . . but maybe it all begins with an apology.