Today is an historic day in United States history.

4 reasons I’m glad Barack Obama has been elected our next President . . . regardless of how you or I voted.

1. Racial reconciliation. Perhaps finally, the United States can begin to put behind us our notorious mistreatment of the black population.

2. The American Dream. Once again, it has been proven that anyone, regardless of their origins (Barak was raised by a single mom because his dad bailed on his family), can achieve greatness in America.

3. A global bridge. The perception of virtually every nation in the world is that Obama will bring about needed change in American global policies. (Let’s face it, the past eight years haven’t endeared us to the masses.)

4. The church will rise to the occasion. As the United States continues to slide in its understanding of truth and morality the church in America will be forced to put up or shut up. Historically, when things were at their worst, the church was at its best.

Issues I will be praying deeply about:

1. The sanctity of human life. I am distressed at Obama’s cavalier attitude towards the protection of human life. God will not allow a country to prosper that murders millions of unborn children every year. Not to mention the inherent value of every unborn child’s life!

2. Supreme Court Justices. In my opinion, the single most important thing that a US President does is appoint our Supreme Court Justices. In all likelihood, Barack will be our President for the next eight years. Thus, he will, once again, in all likelihood, appoint at least 4 individuals to the Supreme Court. You cannot legislate Christianity but you can legislate morality.

3. A divided nation. The Presidential vote was extremely close. We are a divided country in our views of who should lead us. We must follow the Biblical mandate to pray for those who are in positions of authority. (And remember that our ultimate Leader and Savior is Jesus.)

4. God’s mercy. Throughout history God has responded to the cries of His people. As we humble ourselves and repent of any evil in our lives, God will turn His face toward us and bless us as His followers.