My wife, Julie and I, were able to put a new category in our budget this year. Each month we set aside $200 to serve people. The $200 is above and beyond our tithe to our local church home. It’s simply used to love people the way Jesus would love them.

And it has been a blast!

Most of the time we give gifts anonymously (like the gas cards and grocery cards we recently gave to a family going through a tough time). Other times, like today, we were able to love our neighbors. Their mom died a couple of days ago and they’re not involved with a church. So we took them a couple hundred dollars worth of food and flowers (You know, ham and stuff).

I’m certainly not sharing this with you to say, “Hey, look at us!” I’m telling you because this is one of the best “Jesus things” we’ve ever done. I’m telling you this to encourage you to consider doing the same.