Our Thrive Group met this past week and we talked about Christmas. For the past several years we have gathered on New Year’s Eve and exchanged Christmas gifts. One of the members of our group suggested that this year we change things up. We all have “enough.”

Sooo, instead of giving gifts to one another, we’re giving gifts to those in need. And we’re doing it through The Heifer Project International. The Heifer Project takes our donation and purchases animals for families living in poverty. A single animal that will literally change the economic status of a family. Here’s some of the options . . .

1 pig = $120
3 rabbits = $60
1 sheep = $120
1 llama = $150
Honeybees = $30
1 heifer = $500

If you have “enough” and would like to bless another family this Christmas, go to www.Heifer.org.