I’ve known Scott Todd for several years now.  I first became acquainted with him when he was leading an initiative to help stop the AIDS pandemic in Africa.  Today, Scott is a champion not only to put an end to the AIDS crises but also to eradicate world poverty!

What I love about Scott’s new book, 58: Fast Living, is that it’s a book filled with optimism . . . with hope.  For instance . . .

*In the past 8 years, the number of kids dying from measles has declined by 78%.

*22 countries have cut their malaria rate in half in only 6 years.  They did it with insecticide-treated bed nets, access to better medicine and spraying to kill mosquitoes.

*We used to say that 44,000 children die each day from preventable causes.  In the 1990s, that number dropped to 33,000 per day.  And now it is down to 21,000.

You get the idea.  And yes, more than 1 billion people still do not have access to clean drinking water.  3 billion people still live on less than $2 per day.  21,000 children still die every 24 hours from poverty and poverty related preventable diseases.  BUT, Scott contends, there is no reason for all of this to come to a close in our lifetime!

58: Fast Living wrecked my heart–or God wrecked it through this book.  As Scott admonishes us, “It’s time for us to ‘pray with our sleeves rolled up.'”

Pick this one up!  Don’t put it down.  Allow God to wreck your heart and change the world through you.