I just read this in The Week . . . Mukesh Ambani, an Indian petrochemical magnate, has built the world’s first billion-dollar residence, in Mumbai.  The 27-story skyscraper, towering over the slums downtown, has 400,000 square feet of space and such amenities as a movie theater, an “ice room” with man-made snow flurries, a four-story open garden with trees, nine elevators, three helipads, and six stories of parking space for guests and the 600 staff.

Talk about a home with a view.  1 billion dollars to overlook the slums of the city.  There’s something not right about this . . .  How could someone spend 1 billion dollars on a personal residence with poverty all around them?

But then there’s my home.  Not nearly a billion dollars.  But I too have a view–a view of poverty all around me in this world.

Just wanting to make sure that as I enjoy my relative luxury in this world that I don’t become desensitized to those in need around me.