Today is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years is a long time . . .

An anniversary prayer:

Dear God,

Thank-you for mom and dad’s 50 years of marriage.
Thank-you for molding two lives into one—for the long haul.
Thank-you for two people who modeled love, forgiveness and commitment in a world that moves in the opposite direction.

Thank-you for the lessons they taught us . . .
That if you’re going to throw a dish, make sure it’s not an antique.
That all food is better with breading or gravy.
That together is better; whether it be square dancing or horse riding, card playing or fishing, pontoon boat rides or RVing.
That it’s okay to fight but imperative to make up.
That living within one’s means, frugality, may not be the American way, but it is the wise way.
That there’s bound to come some trouble, so hold on tight.

Thank-you for what they have taught us about raising a family . . .
That hard work never hurt anyone and benefits everyone.
To believe in your children even when others do not.
That love is expressed through serving.
That passing on a living faith in Jesus Christ is your most import inheritance.

Thank-you for a marriage of 50 years that set the example, brightened the journey, and honors the One that matters most.

In Jesus’ name,