I just returned from a week long fishing trip in Canada with my dad and 12 other men. We drove 13 hours north into Quebec at Grassy Lake. Although the fishing wasn’t stellar . . . the time in the wilderness was wonderful. Here are a few of the highlights:

*We were TOTALLY unplugged for 6 days. No internet, phone service, electricity or even running water. Makes you realize how little we can actually get along without.

*One morning my dad and I were having a cup of coffee together on the shore at sunrise. He reminded me that 40 years ago he had been on this very lake, staying in the same cabin, with his dad. Priceless. I hope that one day I’ll have the same experience with my son, Elijah.

*Just to be in pristine nature is a spiritual experience, but this trip we added a Spritual component. On two nights we shared communion together. Every night we had a Scripture for the day. One evening one friend talked about what it means to be a Christian man of character. It took the trip to an entirely new level.