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We’ve all seen the pictures of children who lack food and suffer from malnutrition or whose bodies are ravaged by disease and sickness. We wonder what we can do to help them, to meet their needs.  And while these dangers are clear to us, there are dangers of a different sort that millions of other children face. Children who struggle with a sense of entitlement, a lack of direction or purpose, and who are drowning in a sea of materialism in homes filled with toys and stuff, but very little love.

There are dangers and diseases that stem from poverty, and there are dangers and diseases that stem from prosperity. One child has too little, another has too much, yet both are in danger of forgetting about God and his love for them.

We all say that we care about children. But caring about children requires more than a feel-good slogan. Children need critical interventions appropriate to the conditions they face. Small Matters shows you how to raise up world-changing children by bridging the gap between those in poverty and those in prosperity, and explain why discipleship done between the ages of four and fourteen can effectively empower children to be life-long disciples of Jesus.

 With personal examples drawn from our own stories and experiences as fathers, church leaders, and church planters, we introduce a new vision for ministry to children that meets their deepest needs and brings the life-changing message of the gospel to communities and families.

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