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I love watching the Olympic games. I love the competition, the coming together of countries, the human-interest stories…

And I’ll be watching this year.

But I will also be praying.

In Northern Brazil alone, more than six million children live in extreme poverty. The vast majority of these children have no access to a local church. They are not hearing about nor experiencing the hope that Jesus brings.

These are children that God deeply and desperately loves. These are children that you and I must deeply and desperately love.

Two years ago, in partnership with Compassion International and people like you, Stadia began planting churches in Brazil. Churches that lift children out of poverty and provide the hope that Jesus brings.

And so, throughout these Olympics, I will be watching and I will be praying. Will you join me? Will you pray for these six million children? Will you pray for thousands of new churches to be established in Brazil?

Over the next two weeks athletes will be center stage in Brazil. Will you join me in placing the children living in poverty center stage in your heart?

Go to to see how you can help plant a new church.

Go to to see how you can sponsor a child living in Brazil.