Small Matters goes on sale TODAY!  Here are some things being said about the book:

Greg and Jimmy are investing their lives in transforming a generation. Small Matters shows us how we can all make a world- changing difference in the lives of children.

— Vince Antonucci, pastor, Verve Church; author, God for the Rest of Us


Jimmy and Greg weave together Scripture, research, and their experience to give you and me a remarkable tool that will change not just us but the kids we care about.

— Kara Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute


Greg and Jimmy have impacted hundreds of thousands of kids and families, and now they share powerful insights on how we can make a difference in our own corner of the world.

— Jud Wilhite, senior pastor, Central Church; author, Pursued


Prepare to have your heart wrecked, your hope renewed, and your vision enlarged. Jimmy and Greg help us think small in order to do something big that matters.

— Gene Appel, senior pastor, Eastside Christian Church


These are two of my favorite people writing on a topic so universal no one can disagree, but few have addressed with a fraction of the vigor and impact.

— Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Vmware


Small Matters is a brilliant theological blueprint for how adults can train up the next generation to be world- changers of this generation! Read this book!

— Albert Tate, lead pastor, Fellowship Monrovia


A must- read for everyone who is serious about seeing extreme poverty eliminated, communities transformed, and an entire generation of young people being given the hope of Jesus.

— Tim Harlow, visionary leader, Parkview Christian Church; author, Life On Mission


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