The dedication to my book, Small Matters, reads: To Sunshine (Tabitha) and Moonshadow (Elijah)—the small matters who matter most in my life.

I don’t want to get to heaven some day and have God say to me, “Well done, Greg. You helped plant thousands of churches that intentionally care for children. You helped sponsor and care for hundreds of thousands of children in Jesus’ name. But Greg . . . where are Tabitha and Elijah?”

And so, Tabitha and Elijah, the two children that God has placed into my care, in my own family, are the most important children in my life. Which is one of the reasons I was so excited to talk to Elijah’s 2nd grade class about my new book.

I gave Elijah an inscribed copy of Small Matters. Elijah, in turn, took his book to school to show his teacher. The invitation from Elijah’s teacher to talk with the entire second grade came soon after.

I found myself standing in front of more than 100 second graders with the opportunity to tell them how much they matter. That God has an incredible plan for their life. That they are blessed for one reason and one reason only . . . to be a blessing to others.

It was an incredibly rewarding experience. Most of all because my own son experienced how much he matters to me. He wrote me a thank you note:

Dear Dad,

I like Small Matters so much I am going to write a child type of it. Can you help me with it? Anywho thanks for teaching the hole second grade. I love you one million%. I am so proud of you. How did you make time for this?

Thanks you,


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