Over the last year I’ve led a Cohort of leaders we call the Discipleship Journey. It’s made up of 6 amazing church planters from across the U.S.  We will meet 4 times this year in different parts of the country discussing key topics that are important to church leadership.  This past week, we were in Colorado Springs discussing the truth that children matter.  We spent our time encouraging one another and prayerfully considering how we can best be there for children at risk – at risk because of poverty AND at risk because of prosperity.  I wanted to share some highlights of my time with this great group of men!

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(Front: David Jane, Me, Tony Salva, Jason Raitz, Bart Stone. Back: Jim Candy, Brandon Grant, Tom Jones)

We were able to receive a personal tour of the Air Force Academy from Zane Moxely (son of Stadia Planter Development Exec Justin Moxley) who is in his second year at the Air Force Academy where he also plays soccer.  We were honored to pray over him. He serves us well and we are proud of him. Way to go parents Justin and Tiffany!

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Mark Yeadon, an off-the-charts leader for Compassion International and great friend, shared his story, leadership experiences and wisdom. I’m always blown away by how much he cares for children—his own and those around the world. Thanks Mark. You always make us better.

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It’s always a privilege to experience Compassion International’s headquarters — I stopped in their store and was humbled to find Jimmy and my book, Small Matters, on the shelf in the background! Woohoo!

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