In this episode, Carolyn talks with Greg about how women can discover the call to ministry, explore their gifting, ignite their passion in church planting and leadership. Carolyn offers valuable insights to both men and women in church leadership. Carolyn’s new book is available for pre-order in June 2022, and is titled, “When Women Lead: Embrace Your Authority, Move Beyond Barriers, and Find Joy in Leading Others.”

Insight from Our Guest, Carolyn Moore

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1. When women lead, everyone is impacted

  • Impacts women called to leadership
  • Impacts people with differing perspectives on women in leadership
  • Impacts leaders of women
    • “My message isn’t just for women. It’s for the body of Christ, because we all have to learn together how to help women succeed – not just find a spot, but succeed so that the kingdom can be welcomed and advanced across the earth.”

2. Everyone’s call is different

  • For women, a call to pastor can be especially challenging because there aren’t as many examples of female pastors, or this is more general opposition to women in pastoral leadership
  • Trying to walk away from that call (or having walked away because it seemed unachievable) does not negate the call!
    • Take time to pray and affirm that you truly have been called, and then “lay out your yes” to God
    • “Once God has called you, he has called you. God is good for his word. His yes is yes.”

3. Just because someone is willing to lead does not mean she or he is called or ready to lead

  • There is a difference between being called and being equipped or talented
  • All callings must begin with prayer and discernment
    • “God is not in a rush. He does not need you yesterday so he can win the world today. He is not in a rush. What he wants is people who are in it for the long haul.”

4. For women called to lead, they must ask, “Am I called to lead HERE?”

  • God is not asking you to change the minds of people who don’t believe women can lead. He may be calling you to something brand new.

5. Women can feel confident to lead from their unique giftings

  • Women in leadership often face the issue of people being put off by natural assertiveness or not respecting natural gentleness
  • Land with Paul in “standing” in your unique giftings

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More About: Carolyn

Carolyn Moore has practiced as an ordained pastor since 1998. For the last eighteen years, she has served as the founding and lead pastor of Mosaic Church in Evans, Georgia. She has spent her ministry creating conversations and communities that welcome and advance the Kingdom of God. She is the author of several Bible studies and books.

Her next book, When Women Lead, scheduled to be released in 2022 by Zondervan, will focus especially on helping women navigate the challenges of ministry leadership. 

She and Pierce Drake co-host a podcast called The Art of Holiness, bringing conversations about supernatural ministry, practical holiness and intergenerational encouragement into the church. Carolyn is happily married to Steve Moore, a retired high school history teacher.