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I am very excited to announce the on sale date for the book that I have co-authored with Compassion International President, Jimmy Mellado, is April 12th.

Children have always been close to the heart of God and as followers of Jesus it is our responsibility to protect, nurture, and pass our faith to children.  In Small Matters: Why Children are Such a Big Deal, we offer a model of discipleship that encourages us all to raise up the next generation to be deeply committed to and in love with Jesus.

When we awaken to the fact that children between the ages of four and fourteen are the most likely to make a decision to follow Jesus, and that the discipleship that children receive forms their future, it will transform the way we view children, invest in them, reach out to them, teach them and ultimately, empower them to be disciples of Jesus.

To pre-order a copy of Small Matters, click here.