I love this story in the Wauwatosa News about one of Stadia’s latest church plants.  And, I love how the services provided by Stadia create margins for planters to work on important issues like this as they work to make sure Every Child Has a Church!

Wi Church Feature

“The segregation issue in Milwaukee has reached this worldwide network, where they’re now doing stories on why you find so many different ethnicities just separated in the city,” McKee said. “Although there aren’t any physical gates, there are things that keep certain ethnicities from moving to certain areas.”

“What City of Light wants to do, and what we are doing, is creating safe environments for people to come together, have fun together, just hang out together — but let that be the start of individuals, cross-culturally, coming together, learning about one another and then appreciating differences and seeing how those differences can help to solve some of the issues that we see here in Greater Milwaukee,” McKee said.

“When you look at the heart of God, you see that the communication across cultures, across color lines, across ethnicity, is so important to him,” McKee said, referencing the book of Ephesians in the Bible. “Through Jesus Christ, these different ethnicities, these different cultures, these different backgrounds all have a place in this new man, this new structure, this new entity that Christ came to bring.”

“It’s through those different ethnicities, those different cultures, that we see the full love of God being brought to earth.”